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Jacquard double nozzle heavy water jet looms

Product number:WDW508-190CM

Product features:
Jacquard double nozzle 190cm


Detailed product description


  1. The speed of Jacquard heavy water jet loom is 650RPM(Identified according to actual weft yarn specifcations and fabric weave)

  2. Mechanical take up&Electronic let off; Or Electronic take up&Electronic let off

  3. 1-6 nozzle electric weft selecting freely.

  4. Reed width:135,150,170,190,210,230,260,280,300,320,340,360cm

  5. Optional hooks:1408;2688;5120 hooks for optional

  6. The weft density:4-100picks/cm(Identified according to actual weft yarn specifcations and fabric weave)

  7. Motor:3.7kw-5.4kw


WDW508 series water jet loom is the new model of Wedawn Machinery,the frame of the whole machine is enlarged,which expands the beam support area.

The stability and aseismicity of the machine are greatly increased.The stability of beating-up is highly enhanced which guarantee the high fabric quality.

The machine has beed innovated and improved in the transmission, cam shedding,let off and take up system. It is quite suitable for the high speed and stable weaving of heavy and high desity fabric.

1)High rigid structure: Detached sturdy double-sided box frame which reduces vibration at high speed operation;Because of the reduces vibration,the weft insertion and beating motion are much more stabilized which keeps fabric quality high.Its main drive is contained in an oil bath to achieve stable high speed operation

2)Weft insertion methodically at high speed:the weft insertion angle is enlarged by improvement in the beating curve that ensure weft insertion stably for all kinds of chemical fiber materials, as well as the great improvement of unstable situation of shedding and warp yarn tension, ensure weaving the differentiation fabric with high quality.

3)Stable running. The high rigid structure and let off and take up stabilize the loom running and the weaving range is increased from thin to middle-thick fabric. Even weave fabrics of complicated or unbalanced constructuon, vibration is low.

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